Birthday Stuff: Little Bo Peep Letter Hunt

by This is Carrie on September 4, 2009

Story: Little Bo Peep
Game: Letter Hunt
Word Puzzle Answer: “Pumpkin”
(well, not actually Pumpkin, we used her real name)
The girls decorated a huge stack of letters and my party helpers (a couple of our fave babysitters) hid them throughout the yard. Once found, we taped the letters on our mural to spell the birthday girl’s name and solve our final word puzzle and find our mystery answer:
“Happy Birthday Pumpkin!”

At the end of the party, I thought the kids could “free play” until picked up, but you put 7 little boys in super hero capes and the play gets rowdy really fast. So I pulled a few old YMCA camp counselor games out of my hat and the kids enjoyed those games as much as the uber-organized ones.
On the fly games:
Freeze Dance (always a hit at our house)
Mingle, Mingle, Mingle (too hard to explain)
A version of Mother May I using letters in their name.


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