Mountain Bike race #2

by This is Carrie on September 23, 2009

Last week was the second race in the Over the Hump Mountain Bike Race series. I didn’t have high expectations for the first race, but this race I really hoped to be faster (and by faster, I mean faster than Todd who was racing it for the first time, on an old bike, and without his usual endurance). If I ever had a chance to beat him, this was it.
Well, he crushed me by 6 whole minutes.
I have my excuses though: having to wait at a terrible bottleneck on the course, losing my chain coming up the long, steep, hill and taking a terrible, over the handlebars, crash on a sandy downhill turn.

I’m just lucky I finished at all.


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Kathi D September 24, 2009 at 8:18 am

Oh well. Too late now for the chance at him with the old bike, dang it.


rageagainstthebeans October 2, 2009 at 5:08 am

sorry you didn't take Todd out. sounds like it was a rough ride. get him next time. there's a story here about a guy named Charles who's used mountain biking to overcome a rash of troubles and thought you might like it:

if you do and feel like voting for charles then he stands a chance of winning a chance of his story about mountain biking being a television commercial for Mutual of Omaha next year.

hope you enjoy.



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