Refashion Camp Day 3: How to Make a Fitted T-shirt

by This is Carrie on September 22, 2010

Using this tutorial, I showed the girls how to fit, cut & resew a large t-shirt into one that actually fits their body. I’ve had this thrifted Napolean Dynamite “Liger” shirt sitting in the garage for forever & was thrilled when Princess pulled it out for the project.  I think it was the tagline that won her over: “Bred for it’s skills in magic”.

When I broke out the Bedazzler, the girls weren’t quite sure what to think, but  when I showed them all the cool studs I had purchased to use with it (we’re way beyond cheesy 80’s rhinestones here, folks) they couldn’t get enough, just about bedazzling everything in site.

This was probably the most challenging project of the week (the sleeve insertion proved a bit of a bugger) and if I were to run the camp again, I’d probably take this project out, allowing more time for creative thought and embellishment techniques.

*Note: The “T-shirt Refashion camp” series will cover the projects I did with a cute group of 8-11 year old girls this past summer, but the projects are great for begging sewers/refashioners of any age.


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