Christmas 2010

by This is Carrie on December 31, 2010

We will remember Christmas 2010 as the year Grandma came to visit, Princess beautifully read aloud the Christmas Story from the Bible, and Pumpkin got a Nintendo DSi (even when she told Santa all she wanted was a Nintendo DS).

It was also the year I sent one of Brother’s Stomp Rockets up into the very, very tall palm tree outside our house and our neighbors attempted to get it down by throwing a football at it (which got stuck) a baseball (which got stuck) and finally a glittery purple ball (which also got stuck). Then we had a brilliant idea to tie a 3lb weight to a rope to try to knock down all the stuck items.  After knocking everything but the rocket, the weight also got stuck.  As we were just about to test the strength of the rope to see if maybe we had just created a new neighborhood tree swing, another neighbor somehow got the weight untangled from the tree (but not before seriously mangling one of the branches).

I honestly didn’t care about that cheap little rocket (we had 3 more) but at some point it became a challenge more than anything.  Still, that stomp rocket still taunts us from the top of the tree.


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