The Pinewood Derby Cars

by This is Carrie on January 9, 2011

At the Family Christmas 1st Annual Pinewood Derby Race, the creativity behind the cars was seriously impressive.

Some cars, like Princess’s “Sparkle Car” entry, were quickly created at the party from pre-cut pieces of wood and a supply of girly embellishments.  Her car surprised people, coming in first in her heat against some perfectly weighted, boy scout (father) built, aerodynamic cars.  We’re going to save it for our boys.

Some people didn’t need a pre-cut piece of wood to make their entry, instead gathering materials from the lunch table: “The Sandwich Car.”

Grandma opted for “cute” instead of aerodynamic styling for her car.  It could have probably used a 5 pt harness as we all watched in horror as the baby was ejected from the car in Heat #1.

My nephew created a car whose only hope at winning was taking out all the other cars before the finish line.

Grandpa (and former engineer) spent weeks out in his “woodshop” creating the perfect speedster only to come in second place overall.

Because we have a family of cheaters, an “open” division was created to highlight these extra skills.  One of the entries: a remote controlled car powered by a tiny fan installed in a Dr. Pepper can.  And then there was the CO2 powered car:


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Nikki January 9, 2011 at 10:57 am

What fun! I think i like grandma’s the best. :)


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