This Week on Twitter 2011-01-09

by This is Carrie on January 9, 2011

  • Had a lovely morning at church, a delicious brunch and a nice long nap with the baby. What more could you ask for on a rainy sunday? #
  • Anyone out there have experience w/ #run #bike #swim training while #breastfeeding ? Worried about losing my supply. #
  • Looks like Grandpa’s going to have to up his text message allowance now that he’s taught his grandkids how to text him. #
  • Kids woke up asking for Grandpa, forgetting that he left for the airport early this morning. They’re pretty bummed. #
  • Brother cut his own hair this weekend. It was bound to happen since all the kids go to “Mom Salon.” At least his 80’s tail is still intact. #
  • Anyone watch the show “How I met your mother?” What was with the number countdown in the last show? #
  • You recycled sweater baby blanket turned out great!! RT @ProjctAnthology: @thisiscarrie You inspired me! #
  • I just saw the game Mastermind at the Salvation Army drop off. I loved that game! #
  • I’m getting really good at pulling teeth. #
  • The Baby gained 30 oz in 3 weeks. Dr’s not worried anymore (I never was) #
  • My 5yo started her 2011 @thisismejournal. Love her self portrait. #
  • I think I might be onto something – I just created an orange/carrot julius that my veggie hating kids love. #
  • This is a orange carrot Julius mustache. The foam is yummy! #
  • Anyone have a crockpot pea soup recipe they love? #
  • Ran 3 miles in 31 mins and felt great. Even though it was a bit of a chore to get me and 4 kids out the door, I was … #
  • My second run post-baby with all the kids: made possible by a newborn hammock attachment to my Chariot trailer/jogger. #
  • Just when i was going 2 give up on dream of going RT@altsummit: Not 2 freak any1 out, but look who’s coming2 @altsummit:” #
  • Nice to get back to #gno swim training tonight w/@cupcakeactivist & @elizabethesther. We missed you @according2kelly! #
  • He’s lucky he’s cute because he didn’t sleep well at all last night #
  • I might have just bought an old “how to macrame” book at the library bookstore for 25cents. #
  • Agreed 2 watch my bro’s 2 kids while they go on a cruise in March – they now have 2 1/2 months 2 get their kids 2 go 2 bed @ 8 instead of 11 #
  • Looked into getting the original windows on our 50’s house replaced. Getting them restored instead & am so happy w/the decision. #
  • Swam 1100 yards and felt great. Nice to get back in the water. Unlike my running, I didn’t notice the drastic change… #
  • Hilarious! RT @elizabethesther: Josh Groban sings Kanye West Tweets: “Fur pillows r hard 2 actually sleep on.” LOLOLOL! #
  • Not sure if I should be scared or impressed that my 8yo daughter got up early and made us all french toast for breakfast. #
  • Lacing up my running shoes. #
  • Disturbing. RT @toddsonaride: @thisiscarrie New exercise 4U & baby.Apparently fun 2 do near piles of sharp rocks #
  • Ran 3 miles in 32 mins and felt good. Another run with all four kids. Two on bikes and two in the jogger. School sta… #
  • Going though old boxes & found half finished, crocheted afghan started when I was 16. Part of me wants 2 give away, part wants 2 finish. #
  • Who knew it’d be so hard to get rid of an old piano. #
  • Except for our wall of Christmas cards (Which I’ll probably leave up until March), Christmas is finally packed up at our house. #
  • After watching & loving the 2nd Nanny McPhee movie, we had to buy the “based on” collection of stories of Nurse Matilda. #
  • Teaching a lesson on fasting @ church 2morrow. Thoughts? Views from all religious affiliations welcome. #
  • You’re my kind of girl!! RT @mommymae: that was awesome. just ran for 47 minutes while the big girls biked alongside. #
  • Daughter just told me she wants to be like @kristyglass when she grows up: “a smart girl with a good voice”. #
  • The kids found joy in the old Lite Brite today #
  • Luv mine too! RT @cupcakeactivist: Seems like @according2kelly really knows me. Thanks! #

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Nikki January 9, 2011 at 5:55 pm

This site has lots of good info on breastfeeding. Right now your supply is still regulated by hormones. Around 3 months post partum your supply will start to regulate based on supply/demand. Just make sure you drink a LOT of water! And it really is possible to recover from a dip in your supply, so if you start to notice a decrease you can do a lot to increase it again. :)


Megan January 10, 2011 at 3:05 pm

I started running (not marathon running, but at least 3 miles 3 times a week and did 7.5 miles once a week) and playing basket ball for 1.5 hours three times a week when my daughter was just under 1 years old. She nursed until she was 2 and we never had any supply problems. I am starting to run again now with my baby being 3 mo old and so will see how that goes but I don’t anticipate any problems as long as I continue to get enough water and eat a healthy amount.


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