This Week on Twitter 2011-01-16

by This is Carrie on January 16, 2011

  • Thanks to @according2kelly and her 4 huge bags of hand-me-downs, The Baby will be very well dressed. #
  • Looking forward to trying out my first Beach Body Boot Camp this week with @HITTHEMARKFIT – Post natal baby bump be gone! #
  • Nearly cried 5 minutes into @hitthemark boot camp, but I guess that’s what you want in a boot camp, right? It kicked my butt. #
  • Did a core fitness workout for 1 hour and felt alright. Day 1 of a 1 week Boot Camp trial & I seriously wanted to cr… #
  • Since I’ve been on a crocheting kick, I’m hoping 2 get a crochet heart garland made this year. I’ve loved it 4 so long #
  • Here’s the real #crochet heart garland link—> #
  • I think @cupcakeactivist butt called me. #
  • Today feels like a homemade split pea soup day: #
  • New Year’s resolution: Help the kids learn how to budget their $ (& hope it rubs off on me). Our DIY banks: #
  • The split pea soup is starting to smell so delicious! #
  • The baby seems to have gotten the message that we are finally back on a routine today. He’s sleeping so well. *knocking on wood* #
  • My dog ate my lunch. #
  • Why does my 2yo son know a Justin Bieber song? #
  • The baby burps like a man. #
  • I hope The Baby doesn’t expect to be picked up today because thanks to @hitthemarkfit boot camp this morning my arms are total jelly. #
  • Carrying The Baby in his car seat today is no bueno. #bootcamp @hitthemarkfit #
  • Anyone out there have experience with working on an elementary school yearbook? #
  • Anyone know where I could get 100’s of dead tennis balls….for free? #oc #
  • Any1 know of large tennis club in #oc Need dead tennis balls 4 bottoms of school chairs-helps keep floors clean w/dwindling custodial staff #
  • Mad dash of errands while I only have 1 kids on tow instead of four. #
  • Reading aloud Anne of Green Gables to the girls at night and loving every minute of it. #
  • Where do you think would be the cheapest place to get good electric pencil sharpeners for the elementary school? Need 24 of them. #
  • Today’s “Winded Wednesday” was by far my fave day of boot camp. But if @hitthemarkfit finds out, he’ll make me pay. #
  • Decided to sign up for the Surf City half-marathon in February, but was too late! All sold out. Hoping to buy a bib… #
  • Question for cooks: What can I use as substitute 4 mustard in recipe 4 some1 who hates mustard? Recipe: herbed chicken w/dijon & mozzarella #
  • I’m going to thank @hitthemarkfit someday for my beach bod, but for now, I’m going to curse him for my sore arms. #
  • Awesome! Picked out Pat Benetar Heartbreaker for me! RT @coachprs: has anyone checked out the great running music at #
  • I love my bespectacled daughter in this @disneyland Space Mountain photo. Classic. #
  • Looking forward to GNO swim with @according2kelly and @cupcakeactivist tonight. Well, mostly looking forward 2 the hot tub afterward #
  • Almost missed @hitthemarkfit “Thigh Thursday” because of my delirious snooze pushing. Better late than never though! #
  • I have to admit, this morning’s #oc @groupon for circus training classes is a wee bit intriguing. #
  • On a side not, if I see another deal for microdermabrasion or laser hair removal from my other “group deal” companies, I might unsubscribe. #
  • Ha! Not sure I agree tho :). RT @GrouponOC: @thisiscarrie We want u 2 try new things! Plus, anytime’s a good time for spandex unitards. #
  • Oh my. RT @toddsonaride: Anyone (okay, any boy or man) who says they don’t want to play this is lying! #
  • Swam 1400 yards and felt good. Nice way to stretch out the sore muscles from boot camp. #
  • Jumping jacks, jump rope, and jump squats this morning with @hitthemarkfit were a serious test of bladder strength for this mom of 4. #
  • Hydration has been very important this week during @hitthemarkfit Boot Camp. @ministryofnuun has made that super EASY. #
  • Exercise has been vital in my post-partum recovery both mentally and physically. #
  • The Baby is so happy the girls are home from school #
  • We’ll go play outside 4 the rest of the country RT @elizabethesther: 72 degrees and sunny here. Yes. This is mean of me to tweet. #
  • Now I know why @HITTHEMARKFIT offers a free 1-week trial of his boot camp. Once you try it, you’re hooked. #
  • Thx @thescramble for a delicious dinner last night. All family thumbs up for ur herbed chicken roll-ups, festive wild rice & green beans. #
  • Thx @ktape for keeping my newly developed plantar fasciitis at bay during this morning’s workout with @HITTHEMARKFITNESS #
  • Love them! RT @wordstosweatby: Have you seen the new line? Excited to be supporting athlete’s in their Olympic quest. #
  • Best cure for cradle cap? #
  • A true friend is someone who can tell you they want to punch you sometimes & instead of wanting to punch them back, u totally understand why #
  • Ran 6 miles in 1 hour and 4 mins and 12 secs and felt good. Longest post-baby run so far. Extra strength training p… #
  • On my next run, I need to remember to bring more @ministryofnuun. Hydration is vital for me right now. #
  • And I need to use a little Bodyglide because I seem to have a little more flesh to chafe now. Go figure. #7wkspostpartum #
  • My DD informed me that she wants to run like @cupcakeactivist & bike like @skylerwallace. What abt me? Apparently I’m not fast enough. #
  • My dad is here taking care of my “honey do” list . @toddsonaride is totally off the hook. #

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