This Week on Twitter 2011-01-23

by This is Carrie on January 23, 2011

  • Off to see @beachcleanup this morning to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service! #
  • Gorgeous day for a beach cleanup with @beachcleanup #
  • Finishing up a mornings work with @beachcleanup with a trip to @rubysdiner. #
  • I had @hitthemarkfitness whispering in my ear when i decided to order a side salad instead of fries @rubysdiner. I love and hate that. #
  • A perfect day at the beach #
  • Baby's first beach visit #
  • Did Diego's sister, Alicia, just teach my 2yo how to pick up a crocodile? #
  • Adorable spread! RT @kristyglass: See Lolly on Little Lovely, featuring @thisiscarrie 's art bag: #
  • Where I'm standing, some1 named their wireless connection "poopinmybutt". Maybe I need 2 rethink the name of our wireless connection. #
  • Ran 5 miles in 53 mins and felt good. Another "pushing the jogger" run. Ran 2 1/2 miles to the park, then took a bre… #
  • Excited about upcoming #mountainbiking clinic/birthday celebration w/ @according2kelly, @cupcakeactivist, @brenbot @tamrabbit & @modmtbchick #
  • I need to buy 25 electric pencil sharpeners for elementary school but every1 I've found online has terrible reviews. Any recommendations? #
  • Today @toddsonaride reminded me Amy Chua, author of controversial book Battle Hymn of Tiger Mother, was his professor in law school. #
  • I think @hitthemarkfit is the only person i'd get out of bed for at 5 in the morning. #
  • Did a core fitness workout for 1 hour and felt good. Winded Wednesday with is always a goo… #
  • Just in time for Valentines Day RT @craft: How-To: #Crochet Hearts Four Ways: #
  • Don't miss this deal for a place everyone shops! $20 Gift Card for $10: #
  • The city just updated their utility payment website so it only works with Explorer- a basically extinct browser for Mac users. Brilliant. #
  • YES!! RT @kristyglass: @thisiscarrie maybe I'll start writing makeup tutorial: the musical! #
  • I love my mom and all her handmade goodness #
  • We loved spending MLK Day of Service with @beachcleanup #
  • Swam 1900 yards in 47 mins and felt great. Got some nice distance in tonight. And a little soak in the hot tub too. #
  • He deserved it. RT @cupcakeactivist: Turns out we're swim meanies. @thisiscarrie and I intimidated a little boy out of a swim lane. #
  • i believe! RT @elizabethesther: Exercise: the wonder drug! #
  • Looking for someone out there who's familiar with the inner workings of bbpress. I need some work done! #
  • Me too! RT @mommymae: I need to snag sponsorship for @blogher and @sewingsummit & compare the two as a life/sewing blogger. #
  • Awwww, thanks! RT @LazyWoman: All moms o' many, crafty moms, moms who care, moms who work out #FF @thisiscarrie #
  • Can a baby have too many blankets? Not if they're cute : #
  • Tomorrow everyone will get to see my fabulous creative space. Actually, it's just a corner of the living/family room but I make it work. #
  • It's official- I scored a bib for the #surfcity 1/2 marathon in two weeks. #
  • Scheming to get a #mountainbike ride in with @cupcakeactivist & @accordingtokelly this weekend. #
  • I scored a bib for the #surfcity 1/2 marathon in two weeks!!! #
  • Ran 6 miles in 58 mins and felt great. I'm always surprised how terrible i feel for the first few miles of any lengt… #
  • Found my English research paper from my senior year of college—>Hemp: It's Past and Future. A funny topic for #BYU my alma mater. #
  • A happenstance meeting of @angryjulie at the hell also known as Chuck E Cheese made the afternoon a little less hellish. #
  • The kids have turned our backyard slab of asphalt into a roller rink complete with limbo & the hokey pokey. Now they want a disco ball. #
  • Backyard roller rink limbo #
  • Now playing at the backyard roller rink: High School Musical. The DJ must be 8 years old. #
  • I'm pretty sure I'd be considered a sewing supplies #hoarder In a few more years, I might not be able to walk through the garage. #

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Marnie Jones January 24, 2011 at 12:41 pm

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