This Week on Twitter 2011-01-30

by This is Carrie on January 30, 2011

  • A projectile-vomiting and lethargic baby has this non-worrisome mom worried enough to be sitting in the ER on a Sunday night. #
  • ER’s are lonely. Luckily I have twitter to keep me company. #
  • Meningitis is ruled out. Phewsh. He’s alert now, smiling at dr (making me look bad). Still want to watch him for a while. #
  • ER Doctor is trying to convince me the puking was just reflux. The baby’s condition may not be serious, but I don’t buy reflux. #
  • Heading home from the ER. The baby has perked up but still no good answers for his behavior earlier. Keeping close watch. #
  • Always wanted to take the kids to Zoomars & with today’s crazy good deal, we’re definitely making the trek #oc #
  • Still looking for a web designer knowledgeable in bbpress (wordpress forum). Referrals please!! #
  • It’s not big or beautiful, but it’s where I create: My Creative Space: #
  • The Baby is back to his normal self after last night’s scary vomit fest except he’s burping about 100 x’s more than normal. #
  • Lest u think me an organized freak based on current state of my creative space, here’s my dining table right now #
  • Why do pregnant ladies in tv sitcoms touch their bellies so much? #
  • Up early & ready to feel the burn with @hitthemarkfit. #
  • Went with the triberry flavor of @ministryofnuun for this mornings workout with @hitthemarkfit. Yummy. #
  • The Epic Mountain Bike Adventure. It was probably a good thing we had to hike our bikes so much given that I forgot … #
  • Did a fitness workout for 1 hour and felt great. It was “Top Half Tuesday” with this morning. … #
  • Hoping I burned enough calories this morning with @hitthemarkfit to offset the @bakeyouhappy cupcakes I’m going to eat tonight! #
  • Back on the bike: My first ride with @according2kelly and @cupcakeactivist was EPIC–> #
  • Already salivating over the @bakeyouhappy cupcakes I’m planning on eating tonight while watching their episode of #cupcakewars #
  • Daughter wants me to get autograph from @bakeyouhappy 2night during #cupcakewars party. They made her bday cupcakes #
  • Heard that @bakeyouhappy is going with a vintage theme for their new shop. Hope they’ll like my apron gift! #
  • At the @bakeyouhappy #cupcakewars party with Kim and anxious to see what happens!!! @ #
  • What’s the deal with guys and beef jerky? #cupcakewars #
  • The girl next to me just won the cutest cupcake stand and a dozen cupcakes at the @bakeyouhappy #cupcakewars party. Lucky! #
  • I get to try @bakeyouhappy ‘s round one cupcake! #cupcakewars The red licorice filling is genius! #
  • The crowd goes wild as @bakeyouhappy is announced as #cupcakewars champion! #
  • Wish I could have made it to @hitthemarkfit boot camp this morning. Could have used it to work off @bakeyouhappy cupcake I ate 4 breakfast. #
  • My Latest #crochet project: The Cutest Little Baby Cap Ever #
  • Where is @kristyglass when I need her. I have 2 girls that need “stage makeup” done every night for the rest of the week!! #
  • Thanks for the feature! RT @Neatostuff: @thisiscarrie Your This is Me Journal is so much fun! @thisismejournal #
  • I might just have the happiest baby on the planet this morning. #
  • Excited to get my hair cut this morning. Love that it’s gotten so long. Do not love the condition of the last 2 inches. #
  • 2 months old and such a cutie #
  • My favorite for sure! RT @sbonnin: Everyone’s favorite – Yellow, back in stock! Hurry, limited quantities! #
  • Have you heard of the children’s book “Socks for Supper”? It’s a new-to-me-old-favorite #
  • The boy finally decides he likes the hat mom bought him last year. #
  • My girls in a production of The Wiz this weekend. Have you seen the movie? It’s kind of strange. #
  • Ease on Down the Road is an awesome song though, especially when sung by a group of 5-8 year olds. #theWiz #
  • Loved it! But where’s the singing?! RT @kristyglass: Natural Makeup Tutorial is up! #
  • My ankle has been inexplicably sore these last couple of days. At this point I need to just strap on some @kttape and go for a run anyway. #
  • Didn’t I just do the dishes yesterday? #
  • Everyone slept in this morning and I got a lot of peaceful, in-bed snuggle time with the baby. #
  • Ran 5 miles in 53 mins and felt great. Another run with 2 kids in jogger and two on bikes. Not ideal for speed, but… #
  • She’s “the yellow brick road” in “The Wiz” #
  • I’m a terrible stage mom. Depending on who you know, that’s probably a good thing. #

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