This Week on Twitter 2011-02-06

by This is Carrie on February 6, 2011

  • Making some egg muffins – the perfect grab’n’go breakfast before early morning @hitthemarkfit bootcamp #
  • My daughter told me my tights today were the color of baby diarrhea. Now that I think about it, she was right. #
  • Poor Baby. The Little One has caught his first cold. #
  • How do I get my phone to continue redialing a busy number until it gets through? #
  • What’s the site where you can put clothing from different sites together to create a “look”? #
  • Me too!! RT @cupcakeactivist: I need to try a @PushCakes soon! #
  • You heard me. I don’t like #running #
  • Watch out fingers! Mama just got a new blade for her Gingher rotary cutter. #
  • Where can I get tiny baby noise silencing earphones? Looks like we’re going to the Supercross this weekend. #
  • Down with Miley Cyrus, here’s who i’m pushing my girls to look up to: #
  • On my birthday wishlist: #sewing #design #
  • Anyone? #crochet #knit RT @kristyglass: @thisiscarrie do you know the blog with the Dad that knits? do you have the link? #
  • 8-Year-Old Girl Lectures Egypt’s Mubarak on YouTube [VIDEO] via @mashablevideo @mashable #
  • Question: do I wear my kelly green or my “throwback” custom chartreuse @runteamsparkle skirt 4 the @lovesurfcity 1/2 marathon? #
  • I need pink hairspray and I need it fast. #
  • Was up in the wee hours to spend my birthday morning with @hitthemarkfit. That’s how much I love him. #
  • It was fun to meet @IHeartOTOrange this morning @hitthemarkfit bootcamp. It’s the place to be! #
  • I might have just spent my birthday morning making a sock monkey while ignoring all the housework. #sewing #
  • My birthday prezzie #
  • Crazy good. THanks for going out with me. RT @cupcakeactivist: Crazy to swim outdoors in 55 degree temp? Yes. #
  • Sincerely hoping @1800GOTJUNK will cut our struggling public school a good deal to haul away some junk. We’d seriously love them forever. #
  • Fun to have lunch with a friend from NYC days. Haven’t seen her in almost 10 years. That pre-kid time seems like a another life. #
  • Baby who’s had a cold now has a soft crackle at the end of every breath. Is this Dr. worthy? #
  • Big day tomorrow: 3rd grade Spelling Bee. Do you remember the word you got out on? See, it’s a big deal. #
  • Based on cost per use, the best deal we (I mean Santa) got this Christmas was roller skates for the kids. #
  • My red-headed, freckle-faced 5yo represented Mexico for Heritage Pride Day at school today #
  • It’s nice to know @kttape, @ministryofnuun and @runteamsparkle will have my back @lovesurfcity 1/2 marathon this weekend #
  • DD came in 4th in the 3rd grade spelling bee. Really proud of her and the hard work she did preparing for it. #
  • Family surfing at the @lovesurfcity marathon expo. #
  • Relieved to be running 13 and not 26 @lovesurfcity marathon tomorrow #
  • Getting our hair ready for the “Go Pink” Supercross race. #
  • At this point, I’m asking myself “Why?”. It’s definitely time to go to bed. #surfcity1 2marathon #
  • .@lovesurfcity We’ve got our @runteamsparkle skirts on and we’re ready to rock!! #

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Amy February 7, 2011 at 9:59 am

Hi Carrie –
I hope this isn’t creepy but I actually saw 2 of your kids & husband in the pits at the Supercross race on Saturday… with their pink hair! :) I saw your daughter and wondered why I recognized her but then when I saw your son it all came to me why I knew who they were. I read your blog fairly religiously so their faces must be engraved in my brain. Hope you guys had a good time at the race!



This is Carrie
Twitter: thisiscarrie

Not creepy at all, Amy! I brought the baby and my older daughter a little later and joined up with them. I wish we could’ve met!


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