This Week on Twitter 2011-03-13

by This is Carrie on March 13, 2011

  • Scored five last minute tickets to Baobab @ocpac. Two very happy daughters and their two BFF’s at our girls afternoon out. #
  • Getting ready to watch Baobab @ocpac #
  • Drumming on a drum & getting ready for Baobab @ocpac #
  • Amazing RT @lsfixer: #Crochet Reef At Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum Is a Masterpiece of Yarn #
  • When I started @hitthemarkfit boot camp, I could only do 15 leg “throwdowns”. Today I did 50! I love the feeling of accomplishment! #
  • Taking my Vibrams out for their first run…finally. Trying for just a short mile. #
  • I highly suggest this quinoa stuffed pepper recipe from Clean Eating Magazine. Delicious and easy. #vegetarian #
  • 1 Strider bike, 2 Razor scooters, 1 Chariot jogger and a pair of Vibrams on this morning’s school commute.
  • You are AWESOME!! RT @dandelionmama: Here’s a little thing about me: So There’s This Book Coming Out…: #
  • Sore abs today thanks to @HITTHEMARKFIT but I love it. #
  • I LOVE Nuun! RT @runTeamSparkle: Starting today @runTeamSparkle skirts will be shipped with @ministryofnuun samples! Wahoo! #
  • Thanks to @modmtbchick & @according2kelly, I’m craving a @honeystinger waffle. No other “energy/fuel” product is that delicious. #fitness #
  • My daughter had the same idea 4 baby #4 RT @brenbot: Marathon Runner Names Son Miles #RLAM #
  • 5:30 am @HITTHEMARKFIT boot camp is like a party since I get to see @ksugarandspice @according2kelly @IheartOTOrange. A painful party tho. #
  • Don’t miss the Milk & Cookies art show event this week hosted by @ActiveRideShop & @TOMSshoes #OC #givingback #
  • Our neighbor brought the kids a HUGE bag of Beanie Babies yesterday. It was better than Christmas. #
  • Great article about the importance of raising active children: #
  • Just ordered presents from @sweettoothfairy – a gift card & a box of cake bites for family. Now I want sweets. #
  • Just registered for #blogsugar How can I not go when it’s so close & there are already so many cool people attending! #
  • Too nice of a day to stay inside. #
  • Using today’s “quiet time” to prep for the lesson I have to teach this Sunday. #lds #RS #
  • I’d love to hear what non-Mormons think about the fact Mormons don’t drink alcohol, coffee, smoke, etc. Weird? Stupid? Awesome? #research #
  • The dog is a good sport–loving the attention #
  • It used to be their frozen shepherds pie until it was discontinued :(RT @according2kelly: What are your favorite @fresh_and_easy must-buys? #
  • Swam 1400 yards in 1 hour and felt good. Love girls night out swim. Didn’t put in the laps that @cupcakeacti #
  • Sure, it’s Chuck Norris’s birthday today but it’s also @elizabethesther ‘s birthday and she’s way more awesome. #ChuckBirthdayTweets #
  • The kids did a wonderful job with their Georgia O’Keefe inspired floral artwork today. #
  • Love hearing 3rd graders critique artwork of famous artists. I want them 2 know, they can have their opinion, but have to tell me why. #
  • We are getting excited for our sneak peak at the @ActiveRideShop @TOMSshoes “Milk & Cookies” art show today #oc #
  • 80+ yr old neighbor brought over 1950’s sewing patterns & a piece of old plaid fabric. Totally made my day! #addicted2vintagesewingsupplies #
  • Loving the collaborative art between parent and child #milkandcookies #
  • This collage piece of art was done by Carl E Smith and his 2 yo son. #milkandcookies #
  • Definitely a piece of art for kids by kids. My 2yo loved this one! #milkandcookies #
  • The new @TOMSshoes Kids for Kids line is adorable and redesigned to be more durable. #milkandcookies #
  • Wow, I was not prepared for tonight at all. Glad to be home, happy to veg. #
  • Last night i woke up the baby at this time to feed him and then he slept until 7am. I’m hoping for a repeat tonight. #
  • Watching news from #Japan #
  • Watching office video footage of #japan earthquake w/kids., my 5yo says “At least the people know what to do.” #growingupinCA #
  • I feel so loved every time @toddsonaride sends me a link to an article he knows I’ll enjoy. Like this one on education: #
  • I don’t tweet much about religion, but this post about Ash Wednesday written by a Mormon is just too beautifu… (cont) #
  • Missed @ksugarandspice & @IHeartOTOrange at this morning’s @HITTHEMARKFIT Boot Camp. You girls okay? #
  • Fantastic video for #running mothers! RT @dimityontherun: Back to where it began #
  • Registered 4 my first trail race. And it’s tomorrow! At least I’ll have @cupcakeactivist to keep me company (until they say “GO!”)#running #
  • Did u see the baby boy cap & blanket I made from a men’s flannel shirt? Now I’m making something from the shirt sleeves #
  • Neighborhood nail salon going on this afternoon #
  • Used the sleeve fabric of a men’s flannel shirt to make these little pants #
  • I kicked off family karaoke tonight with “Making love out of nothing at all” #
  • Next on my karaoke playlist: More Than Words #
  • Next up on karaoke playlist: It Must Have Been Love #karaokeathome #bignerd #itotallycantsing #
  • Blew my voice out singing karaoke with the kids tonight. #totallyrockedit #
  • Tonight I started training my girls as backup singers for my karaoke version of Total Eclipse of the Heart. #familyband #
  • A big part of me wishes I was still sleeping, but there was a little part of me that rolled me out of bed & laced up my #running shoes #
  • Great way to start the weekend! RT @cupcakeactivist: Great start to my day: OC chili trail run race with @thisiscarrie and @runteamsparkle. #
  • I think I made @runteamsparkle proud this morning @ the OC 5 mile chili trail run. Came in 4th in my age group! 48:49 #
  • Though if @according2kelly was at the OC 5 mile chili trail run this morning, I woud have come in 5th in my age group #
  • It was @cupcakeactivist that rocked the OC Winter Chili Trail Run this morning in her @runteamsparkle skirt, coming 1st in her age group! #
  • Beginning the bike brainwashing early. #
  • I went to the grocery store and the girl scout cookies outside beguiled me and I did eat. Thankfully, today is the last day of sales! #
  • Aaaack! Postpartum hair loss is in full swing. Finding hair everywhere! #

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