This Week on Twitter 2011-03-20

by This is Carrie on March 20, 2011

  • Was totally aware of daylight savings time and yet we are still an hour late to church #oneofthosemornings #
  • Helping kids get their “Juice for Japan” stand ready. If you’re in the neighborhood stop by from 3-5! #
  • At the kids “Juice for Japan” stand there will also be chocolate covered marshmallows for sale. #
  • Raiding @toddsonaride ‘s old #lds mission boxes for some Japanese decorations for our “Juice for Japan” stand. #
  • Who wants a virtual cup of Juice for Japan? #
  • The juice stand is doing well on this beautiful, sunny day #
  • A huge thank you to everyone who came out to support the kids “Juice for Japan” stand today. They were able to raise $102.15 for @redcross. #
  • Why did my iphone revert back to pre-daylight savings time? #
  • I love Daily mile but i love this even
    more: RT @dimityontherun: The Real Daily Mile #
  • ENT Dr is suggesting adenoid removal for my (almost) 3yo. Anyone out there have experience with this procedure for kids? #
  • If regular Similac formula doesn’t agree w/ baby’s stomach, what should I try next? He gets about 1-2 bottles a week. #wishicouldpump #
  • I might have teared up. RT @brenbot: Perhaps the best National Geographic video ever. #
  • I had to piece together this flannel shirt baby blanket before cleaning could commence. #
  • Good thing @MrsNo17 is so darn cute because every time I drink out of my “new” old mugs , I think of her. #
  • I’m pretty sure i’d never make it as one of @petit_elefant ‘s “what’s in your purse” features. Pretty scary. #
  • I’m sick and the baby is sick….again. #
  • Always love to chat with @kristyglass #
  • Hate that too! RT @according2kelly: And a little bugged that #freebirds charged me extra for corn salsa. #
  • And #freebirds kids quesadillas are so TINY! @according2kelly @cupcakeactivist @thinktran @chipotletweets #
  • Sat next to the assistant superintendent tonight and talked about biking: road vs. mountain #
  • In other news, got the baby to do a full on belly laugh today. #awesomesauce #
  • A sweet little gift from my 80 year old neighbor. #iheartoldsewingsupplies #
  • Need to sprinkle chocolate gold coins by the kids shoes & turn the milk green before going to bed. #leprechaunduties #
  • Took a lot of convincing this morning to get the 5yo to drink the green milk. #
  • Where is the best place to buy yarn online? #knit #crochet Need a solid brown sock yarn. #
  • Wow. I just hit 1,000 followers on my blog. Who will be 1001? #
  • Woo hoo! my 1001st blog follower! RT @QueenScarlett: @thisiscarrie I just added myself… Just call me 1001 😉 #
  • At home depot getting paint! We’re doing a room switcharoo. #
  • Getting our windows restored today. For our 1950’s house is was a much better choice than replacing them. #
  • Putting twitter to the test: need info for #mountainbiking vacation in #Italy Anyone ever been to Lake Garda? Go! #
  • I designed the girls Easter dresses today. Here’s to hoping I find enough time to make the vision a reality. #
  • Used a Living Social deal @BloOutLounge and now I feel like a million bucks. #
  • I went with “urban girl” (straight & sleek) this time @BloOutLounge but next time I’m going for “beach chic” (tousled &wavy) #
  • Date night at the Korean BBQ. Nothing says romance like the smell of garlic and meat smoke. #
  • What color should I paint the boys room if I have a gray metal bed & a plain pine crib? Room does not get a lot of natural light. #
  • I feel like this winter I’ve been sick just about every other week (anyone else?). Terribly frustrating. My … #
  • I think @according2kelly needs to take up skiing a @pcski and wear this ski suit #
  • I might have picked up a few more things to add to my “leaning pile of #refashion projects” #thrifting #
  • For now, the sewing project is #thrifted floral sheetas turned into a new cover for the metal “don’t fall out of the bed” rail. #
  • I might have just used a few bald spots as an excuse to give The Baby a tiny, little, awesome mohawk. #

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