This Week on Twitter 2011-04-24

by This is Carrie on April 24, 2011

  • Thx! RT @bostonmamas: Tx for making the web awesome @makeandtakes @coolmompicks @kamibigler @lilsugar @thisiscarrie #
  • Hard to decide which @littlealouette teether to get. They’re all so great. #
  • Need suggestions for great “baby’s first toy”. #
  • First day washing my digital perm. Testing out the “low maintenance” claim and letting it air dry! #
  • How good are you at doing gauge swatches before a #crochet project? I’ve learned my lesson. Must become a habit. #
  • Why is my breastfed baby so constipated? He’d be so much happier if he just pooped! #tmi #
  • I wish I lived closer to @DrKevinLundell. The baby could use an adjustment to get the poop flowing again. #
  • Check out the @runteamsparkle skirts in the So Cal #Ragnar Race footage. (@:30 & 1:30) via @vivarunvegas #
  • How much postage do I need on a regular letter envelope to Australia? #
  • Best Easter Candy Ever: Nerds Bumpy Jelly Beans #
  • My left wrist is hurting SO BAD today and I have no idea why. I can barely move it without searing pain. #needtwitterdiagnosis #
  • Awesome comment about knit harem pants I made: “Everyone knows, a ventilated crotch is a happy crotch :)” #1980sewing #
  • New skill learned today: How to tie a bow tie. #easterdressing #
  • Bow tie making & tying practice. #
  • Yesterday, putting on workout clothes was as far as I got (baby steps). Today I made it back to @HitTheMarkFit after 2week hiatus. Woo Hoo! #
  • My new beach waves thanks to a Koreatown #digitalperm #
  • The Bubblefest show @discoverycube is way cool. #
  • Swam 1900 yards in 45 mins and felt great. Always good to get in the water with @cupcakeactivist #
  • You know what? @HitTheMarkFit morning bootcamp is just not the same w/o @according2kelly or @IHeartOTOrange (& Mark) #
  • I need more Nerds Bumpy Jelly Beans. #
  • Anyone in the #OC used What’s your favorite restuarant to get a good deal? #
  • Last day to enter to win “Little Crochet” (a fabulous new #crochet book from @lindamade) (p.s. your chances ar… (cont) #
  • Still have 2 Easter dresses & 2 bowties to finish & one hour left until the kids come home. Looks like I’ll be having a late sewing night. #
  • less than an hour of sewing time left and I’ve lost a zipper!! #
  • On this Earth Day, resolve to save those stained shirts & give them new life #sewing #crafty #green #
  • Just finished putting together a big ol’ trampoline with @toddsonaride. The kids are going to be so surprised in the morning. #
  • Dear neighbors who like to sleep in, I apologize for the loud screaming children at 8am this morning. #newtrampoline #
  • Our 3yo son calls the new trampoline a “bounce-oline”. I like it. #
  • Did I lend out all my knitting needles out? Because I can’t find 1 set around here. Not that I need to knit. I need to turn corners #sewing #
  • 2 Easter Dresses done. 1 little bow tie done and one to go. #sewing #
  • Wait, make that two bow ties left to make. @toddsonaride has requested an Easter bow tie as well. #
  • 2 Easter dresses and 3 bow ties all done! #sewing #
  • One last Easter bow tie. @toddsonaride didn’t want to be left out. #

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