New Running Shoes: {New Balance Minimus Road}

by This is Carrie on May 11, 2011

After running a few months in my Vibrams, easing them slowly into my running routine, I realized I needed to get rid of my old running shoes.  I’ve been working hard to change from a heel strike to a forefoot/midfoot strike (I’ve got the sore calves to prove it), but every time I laced up my old shoes, I immediately reverted to my old running form.  The New Balance Minimus shoes came highly recommended by a local running store whose owner understands and practices barefoot running. They have turned out to be the perfect shoe to use in conjunction with my Vibrams, both of which promote good running form. On a side note: just like Vibrams, the Minimus shoe needs to be slowly introduced into your running routine to avoid painful calves, achillies and other, more serious injuries.


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irunthere4iam December 11, 2011 at 9:46 pm

Good feedback on the shoes. I alternate between Vibrams and my new Inov8 F-195s and I love them. Always looking for what the latest and greatest is in minimal footwear!

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