Over the Hump Mountain Bike Series: Race #2

by This is Carrie on June 7, 2011

Another week means another Over the Hump Mountain Bike race with the family!  The kids race route was much longer, harder and better this week with two climbs up “Crybaby Hill”.  There is always a stronger feeling of accomplishment when the course is more challenging and that’s what I want my girls to feel regardless of their place at the finish. The main race course for the adults was also longer and better this week, bypassing the deep mud and taking us through some sandy single track instead.

Todd – 44:55 (10th out of 51 earning him another trophy glass!)
Carrie – 54:35 (7th out of 17)
Princess-13:47 (44th out of 51)
Pumpkin- 16:29 (48th out of 51)

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