Kids Run the OC! {a progressive marathon}

by This is Carrie on June 12, 2012

It was the girl’s first year participating in Kids Run the OC. This program was started to help kids become more physically fit, active and healthy to combat the onset of childhood obesity, while having fun.  This year in the program, 4000 kids from 67 OC schools accumulated 25.2 miles of running over a couple months of training with a “certified coach”.  Then, on the day before the OC Marathon, they finished their own marathon by completing their final mile at the Kids Run The OC event at the fairgrounds to the cheers of huge crowds of spectators.  A few weeks later, the OC Marathon Race Director and Maika Carlsen, winner of the marathon, came to the school to present all the kids who finished their progressive marathon with the official OC marathon medal.

The program is pretty freakin’ awesome.

Results for the 1 mile race:

Princess:  7:43

6th in her age group

Pumpkin: 8:11

12th in her age group

As she came down the straightaway to the finish, the announcer yelled, “Wow! Look at that sparkly skirt! She’s flyin’!”

She was.

Everyone needs a BRF…in a matching sparkly skirt.

(“best running friend”= a term I love that was coined by the women at


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