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How to Raise Money to Fight Leukemia {Cupcake/OJ/Lemon Stand}

by This is Carrie on February 14, 2012

I knew the Leukemia 5K walk for their cousin, Brayden, would be far more memorable and meaningful to the kids if they figured out how to raise their $20 entrance fee/donation on their own.  After much brainstorming (and a little steering from mom), they settled on selling cupcakes (made from cake mix and frosting Princess […]


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Garage Sale for a Good Cause

by This is Carrie on June 4, 2010

This is the final month of Princess’s 7 month plan to raise money to buy arts & crafts kits for kids at Loma Linda Hospital receiving treatment for cancer. It’s a plan she hatched last November when her 3 year old cousin was diagnosed with leukemia. While not all of her ideas actually panned out […]



Kids Helping Kids Update

by This is Carrie on March 13, 2010

It’s been three months since Princess started her “Kids Helping Kids campaign and I am proud to report, with the help of neighbors, friends and online donations she has raised $135 so far.  We still have a few more months until the hospital “might” let her in to make the delivery (stinky flu season) and […]



Kids Help Kids: Origami Cranes

by This is Carrie on December 22, 2009

Princess has been making and selling origami cranes this December as part of her seven month plan to raise money to buy craft kits for “all the sick kids” at Loma Linda hospital. Crane fund raising is already at $45 and she’s already looking forward to January because her hands are getting tired. As per […]



Kids Helping Kids

by This is Carrie on December 14, 2009

When we told Princess her 3 year old cousin was recently diagnosed with leukemia, she immediately added him into her nightly prayers. Then, a week or so later, she came to me with a handwritten, seven-month plan to raise money to help all the “sick kids”. After speaking with my sister and the hospital, it […]