Tutorial: This Mama’s Fab Travel Chair

This fabric “high chair” is perfect for away from home dining.

It’s no 5-point harness, but it helps secure them in the chair.

This one was made from an old thrifted, quilted ottoman cover

Gather materials: Quilted fabric for outer*, cotton broadcloth or similar for lining, Velcro.

*Batting combined with broadcloth can also be used.

For this one, I used a thrifted bedspread and bed sheet.Step 1 – Make pattern pieces.

All measurements include 3/8″ seam allowance.

Step 2 – Add markings 2 1/4″ apart at center of each piece as shown in picture.

These markings will help you place the connector piece.

Step 3 – Using a single layer of lining and a single layer of quilted fabric, cut each piece out together.

Curve the corners of velcro pieces so there are no sharp points.

Step 4 – With right sides together, sew connector pieces together along long edges. (3/8″ seam allowance)

Step 5 – With right sides together, sew seat pieces together, starting at connector mark and ending at next mark, leaving open 2 1/4″.

Step 6 – With right sides together, sew strap pieces together, starting at connector mark and ending at next mark, leaving open 2 1/4″.

Step 7 – Turn all pieces right side out and press.

Step 8 – Top stitch connector piece 1/4″ from edge along sewn edges.

Step 9 – Insert connector piece into opening in seat and into opening in strap. Pin into place.

Step 10 – 1/4″ Top stitch around entire edge of seat and strap, making sure to catch connector piece.

Step 11 – Hand stitch lip edge of strap and seat at connector for a more finished look. or use 1/8″ top stitch to secure lip.

Step 12 – Sew Velcro onto ends of waist strap, centering on strap & placing it 1 1/4″ away from short edge.

Scratchy side goes on outside of strap.

Soft side goes on inside of strap.

Sew all along the edge.

You’re done!

Weave through chair back.

Insert hungry kid!

In these days of 5-point harnesses, I must remind you this travel chair should always be used with parent supervision. It does not 100% secure child to chair.  Never leave child unattended.


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