Making Stuff: Baby Brother’s Blessing Outfit

by This is Carrie on June 12, 2008

My two biggest worries leading up to (and following) the birth of Baby Brother were:
1. whether to circumcise or not.
2. what he would wear for his blessing.

I feel justified in the amount of time I spent researching and thinking about circumcision, but I am a little embarrassed about the amount of time and energy spent on finding the “perfect outfit” for his blessing.

I blame all the pressure on the girls’ blessing dress. Not only was it perfect (non-traditional yet classic) in my eyes, the hours I spent making it gave it added keepsake value that became next to impossible to recreate for Baby Brother.

After much ado, I finally settled on a tan linen jumpsuit with stitching details inspired by a Guayabera--a style of shirt my father (a Mexican by birth) loves to wear.

The outfit didn’t take nearly as long to make as the crocheted dress, but figuring out how to pattern and sew the placket (something I haven’t tackled since college) definitely made it a labor of love.

I had his initials machine embroidered on the back pocket. I would love to replace it with hand embroidery someday but I need to develop my embroidery skeelz first.

more photos on flickr

P.S. The crocheted blanket was made by Grandma – the woman who taught me everything I know about crocheting (and a bunch of other stuff too).



Kathi D June 13, 2008 at 7:33 am

Just perfect.

alibop June 13, 2008 at 10:28 pm

I too struggled with what to dress the boys in…it just isn’t my style to do the white suit with tie thing. Down south in NC the boys still wear gowns – Paul would not fly with that.

I settled on a purchased collared velour knit sleeper from Petite Bateu.

I love your Guayabara inspired baby outfit! It is a perfect balance of comfort, style, practicality, and sentiment.

One quetion though: What did you do for the feet? Socks always tend to pop off for me and so do shoes. That is why I tend to gravitate towards footed outfits for my babies. What did you do?

TftCarrie June 14, 2008 at 4:23 am


I struggled with the footwear as well. I like tiny little shoes, and wanted some dark brown “leather” “jesus sandals” but couldn’t find them in the right size. So I ended up tea dying some little socks that stayed on his feet decently well.

We also tend to wait to bless the kids until they are a little older (baby bro was almost 2 months old and he was a bigger kid too) so the shoes usually work out fine.

But I love that you and I are totally on the same page. At least I am not the only one who has spent too much time thinking about it.

Katie June 14, 2008 at 7:35 pm

Carrie–it’s gorgeous! I’m impressed. Lucky boy.

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