CPSIA Update – National Bankruptcy Day Still Looming

by This is Carrie on February 9, 2009

Well the stay wasn’t nearly has effective as one would have hoped. The CPSIA agreed to delay the testing requirements for a year, but the law stayed in effect. Now, because of legal challenges from special interest groups, State Attorney Generals threatening enforcement of the law, and retailers still requiring compliance because of liability issues, NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

The only hope now for so many small businesses (not just handmade remember) lies in Senator DeMint’s Consumer Product Safety Reform Bill. So far he isn’t getting the support from the majority leaders he needs to get it pushed through. It’s maddening. The reform bill wouldn’t cost a dime and would save thousands of jobs and help get this law out of the toliet from whence it came.

So what now? Many people are planning to show up at their local legislators office tomorrow (on National Bankruptcy Day) to once again, try to catch someone’s attention out there. You can also call your legislator and plead with them to support Sen DeMint’s Bill–but it could be too late.

From Sen DeMint:

You need you to call your senator. The number for the switchboard at the U.S. Senate is (202) 224-3121. When you call, tell the operator what state you’re from and that you’d like to speak to one of your senators. Tell them where you are from. Explain how this new law will impact your life. Ask them to support the legislation I am proposing. And be sure to thank them for taking the time to talk with you.

Who knows what will actually happen tomorrow (the day the law goes into effect). I doubt it will be some huge armageddon for children’s products – the CPSC wasn’t good enough at getting the word out for that to happen. But still, this law has and will have real and damaging effects for businesses and consumers alike. Accepting a black market of handmade goods is not an option. Letting countless small businesses who have always produced safe products for children struggle to fight this fight alone is not fair. Get informed. Get involved.

If you’re looking for a laugh after all this depressing stuff, check out the new sister law the CPSOA – Consumer Peanut Safety Overkill Act.


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Dragon's Dolphin February 10, 2009 at 3:20 am

OMG I thought we were at least safe for a year. I’ve conacted both senators and my representative and have heard nothing back from any of them! GRRR Of course they’re being hit on all sides right now and the President’s stimulus package seems to be the only thing any one is talking about!

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