This Week on Twitter 2011-03-27

by This is Carrie on March 27, 2011

  • Definitely motivated to get to @hitthemarkfit boot camp tomorrow after eating homemade pizookie tonight. #
  • Between one kid with earache, one baby w/stomach ache and one kid afraid of the lightning & thunder last night, not much sleep was had. #
  • Running makes you do all sorts of crazy things. Like eat chili (and love it) at 9:30 in the morning #run #RLAM #
  • Used my Screamin' Daily Deal to rent a bounce house for a day while I'm taking care of my brother's kids next week. Totally worth it. #
  • He dressed himself this morning. #
  • Great (& free) little #crochet hat pattern (in 4 sizes!) from @lindamade in @petitepurls emag. #
  • I'm a tiny bit late, but Kindergarten registration has reminded me it's time once again to break out my public school advocate hat. #
  • Before you make the #homeschool or #private school choice, at least step inside your local public school. It might surprise you. #
  • Test scores & demographics found online will never speak to what is actually going on inside your local public school. #itsworthavisit #
  • For every alarming educational statistic, there are numerous, yet unreported, good things happening in the majority of public schools. #
  • Why we chose to enroll our children in a failing public school #
  • Made copycat Cafe Rio cilantro lime rice tonight. Not quite as good as the original, but good. #
  • My girls never play with Barbies, but I am so in love with @tinyfrockshop. #
  • 80 year old neighbor stopped by with more old fabric and vintage pattern books. I hope she puts me in her will. #
  • Did a fitness workout for 1 hour. After too long of absence due to sickness (me & the kids), I finally got ba… #
  • Found out from my mom my 4yo nephew (who I haven't seen in 3yrs & have agreed 2 watch 4 a week), set the family's kitchen cabinets on fire. #
  • My boy has a double ear infection. No wonder he's so grumpy. #
  • Rain has ruined plans to go #mountainbiking w/ @according2kelly tonight. At least I still have a #swim w/ @cupcakeactivst to look forward 2. #
  • Already four months old. Where did the time go? #
  • Daughter's so excited about tomorrow nights super date w/daddy to see Wicked that she already picked out her outf #
  • Strapped on the #vibrams & loaded up the jogger for a quick 3 mile run this morning. #feelsgoodtobehealthyagain #
  • Yum! Cant wait to try! RT @brenbot: @thisiscarrie @according2kelly new honey stinger waffle flavor! vanilla! #
  • .@cupcakeactivist Yum! I want to try the @ministryofnuun grape and tropical flavor too! @toddsonaride might like the banana in reply to cupcakeactivist #
  • RT @KTTape: KT Tape Now Available At 24 Hour Fitness!: KT Tape is now available at select 24 Hour Fitness locations througho…… #
  • Ran 3.5 miles in 35 mins and felt good. Strapped on my Vibrams and threw the kids in the jogger for a nice an… #
  • Why we chose a "failing" public school (it's not because we're too lazy for homeschool or too poor for private school) #
  • I think the comments are just as important as the post—>"Investing in Public School" #
  • Friday is for appliqué #
  • Friday is for appliqué #
  • Ran 3 miles in 32 mins and felt good. 2 kids in the jogger, 2 kids on bikes and Vibrams on my feet don't make… #

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