This Week on Twitter 2011-05-01

by This is Carrie on May 1, 2011

  • This is why every kid needs to keep a journal (@thisismejournal) RT @brenbot: Easter artwork by me circa 1988. #
  • Even better. RT @brenbot: Also circa 1988, after the Easter egg hunt. Must have eaten too many peeps. #
  • This is exacrly why you must help your wee ones keep a journal: (@thisismejournal) via @brenbot #
  • Praying 4 my sister's family. They have a court date in Ethiopia to finalize the adoption of their son this week. #cantwaittomeetmynephew #
  • My baby's 5 months old! #
  • Hey, I happen to be at the computer during #crafterminds today! #
  • Because I keep my blog primarily for myself & not as a business, I blog about whatever I want. People still seem to enjoy it! #crafterminds #
  • If I were to pick my niche, it'd be a running & biking blog for moms who sew #crafterminds #
  • Or my niche might be a sewing & crafting blog for moms who #run #crafterminds #
  • That being said, my new blog (going live soon) covers a definite niche: Refashioning for kids (@weefashionistas) #crafterminds #
  • Refashioning for kids is a niche where I feel I have a unique experience and skills. Can't wait 2 get it finally up & running! #crafterminds #
  • Left you a comment! RT @whipstitch: In which I get sorta philosophical and ask you a tough question: #
  • I agree! RT @MyFavEverything: A fave! RT @KnockedUpFit: Thks 2 @MyFavEverything for turning me to @amazon fo… (cont) #
  • How does one prepare a 3yo for minor surgery? #goodbyeadenoids #
  • I'm quite certain this infant swing was not designed for 40lb 3 year olds #
  • Thank you @HitTheMarkFit. Now my arms are going to be completely useless to me today. #
  • Did a fitness workout for 1 hour and felt good. Top Half Tuesday with and now my arms f… #
  • Love this bit of fascinating craft history–>
    Subversive Finds: Pearlies via @craft #
  • Having a "China Study" vegan friend & a "Cross Fit" paleo buddy has left me thinking no matter what I eat, it's going 2 B toxic to my body. #
  • I think they could both agree on this organic carrot. #vegan #paleo #
  • Big Brother (3yo) fed the baby(5mo) a jelly bean. Luckily, he was so proud of sharing, he let me know right away & I fished it out. #
  • Looking forward to taking the family to hear a quintet from the Pacific Symphony play Beethoven tonight at my daughters school. #
  • You know you're in Utah when…. #springbreak #
  • I've rocked the minivan for 5 years but now it's a Swagger Wagon. #
  • Hey @skylerwallace, @Toyota Sienna moms want to know where they can get a "Swagger Wagon" badge of their very own @jenimus #
  • It's just minor surgery 4 my little guy, but those extremely rare risks of anesthesia keep working their way up to the front of my mind. #
  • Just heard from @toddsonaride. Our little guy's adenoid removal is done and went well. #phewsh #
  • I think our adenoid surgery patient is doing well. He just plowed through a banana, 2 soft waffles, 3 pieces of string cheese, & yogurt. #
  • My favorite #sewing projects of the year are always the Easter dresses for my girls #refashion #
  • This year's Easter Dresses are courtesy a beautiful thrifted quilt top #thrifting #sewing #refashion #
  • Looks like the tooth fairy is going to have double duty at our house tonight. #
  • Got news that my sister's Ethopian adoption passed through court. I'll get to meet my new 13yo nephew in June! #
  • What relationship is my nephew's son to me? How about to my kids? It gets so complicated in big & close families. #
  • I kind of love 'em RT @TOMSshoes: TOMS Mother's Day Shoe is here! Gonna sell out quick – pick up special pair 4 Mom: #
  • That makes me sound incredible old and wrinkly RT @ryanschade: @thisiscarrie Great Aunt, 2nd cousin #
  • Recovered the patio dining set chairs. #
  • The baby woke up 2 eat at the perfect point of the night to let me catch a glimpse of the dress. The dress was all I wanted 2 see. #perfect #
  • And now a lost binky got me out of bed and on my way to @HitTheMarkFit! #
  • Was wondering the same thing! RT @according2kelly: @RunRacing @OCmarathon is there an #OCmarathon hashtag? #
  • I'm pretty excited about the new @orangehomegrown Old Town Orange Saturday Farmers Market. May 7th is opening day! #
  • Trying my hand at making @artisanbreadin5 Rosemary Flax Baguettes. #
  • Me too! RT @cupcakeactivist: Great day at #ocmarathon expo with @runteamsparkle. Can't wait to see the rainbow of skirts racing tomorrow! #
  • Love these free downloas from @30daysblog. I choose: "Given enough fabric, I could rule the world" #
  • We all pulled on our sparkle skirt to cheer on our @runteamsparkle peeps @ocmarathon this morning. #
  • I love that my girls jump at the chance to go cheer on runners even when it means getting up at 5 in the morning #ocmarathon #goteamsparkle #

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