Hood to Coast 2011: Legs 8, 20 & 32

by This is Carrie on September 28, 2011

Relay runners can often be identified by their reflective vests, slap bracelets and lighting attached to random body parts.

LEG 8: 4.55 mi (easy) “Downhill and rolling terrain along country roads and limited paved shoulder.” (6:08pm) Since my first leg started after 6pm, I was required to carry a light of some sort even though it didn’t actually get dark during my run. I went with the the knuckle light. The rest of that first leg was a blur as I was still recovering from the previous night’s stomach flu and complete absence of sleep.  I was basically running on soda crackers, Nuun and adrenaline.  I do remember it being hot and I was so thankful for the people standing out on their lawns offering to spray runners with their garden hoses. Time-35:56 (7:53 pace)

Leg 20: 5.75 mi (very hard) “Very challenging up and downhills on partially paved and gravel back-country roads.” (3:35am) This was the leg I had been dreading ever since watching the Hood to Coast documentary. They don’t talk much about specific legs of the course in the movie…except this one…because it’s treacherous.  But you know what? It turned out to be my favorite leg of the entire race.  There is something so peaceful about running in the middle of the night even when the dust kicked up from the gravel road makes it hard to breathe and even harder to see.  I wished I had brought some clear glasses to wear. Time-53:34 (pace 9:18)

Leg 32: 4.09 mi (moderate) “Basically flat terrain on narrow country roads around Young’s River” (12:27pm). Even a moderate run can feel extremely hard when you’ve already run 10 miles and only slept an hour and a half during the previous 24 hours. There is also a sense of exhilaration when you make that final hand off knowing you’ve given everything you had in those last few yards because your personal race is finally over. Time- 33:22 (pace 8:09)

Final Finish Time 28:12:46  Placing 323rd out of 1267 teams.

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