This Week on Twitter 2011-10-30

by This is Carrie on October 30, 2011

  • My daughter's Rapunzel wig made from @lionbrandyarn now has a homemade Rapunzel dress to match! #DIY #halloween #sewing #
  • What's the most humane way to quickly put a half dead rat out of it's misery. #
  • I can't decide which division of @teammuddybuddy to enter with my teammate @brenbot: Age group or competitive…. #
  • A quick stop along the running route today: the super duper long slide. #
  • Any guitar players out there? I have a question for you. #
  • Yay for new teammates! RT @according2kelly: welcome to #TeamSparkle @meganeruyle @therunningcook @cecilebradford @sarahtate1970 @melissyk #
  • Thanks to @hitthemarkfit and his "manic, mid-section, lose the muffin top Monday" it really hurts when I sneeze. #
  • Love the JoAnn_stores smart phone app. I hate when I leave my coupons at home! Now I always have them on my phone. #sewing #crafts #thrifty #
  • Total score @JoAnn_Stores today. Need to make poodle skirts & their 72" felt was on sale for 2.99. Yes! #
  • Every time my 3yo "lefty" holds a crayon or pencil it freaks me out. #familyofrightys #
  • Crawling around In his footy jammies, my baby is a human @Swiffer. #
  • We have a @ministryofnuun emergency in the house. We only have one bottle left! And no grape! #
  • Phewsh. Crisis averted. Ordered mixed pack of grape, tropical, strawberry lemonade, & fruit punch @ministryofnuun. #hydration #running #
  • All three girls in the family had PR's at the @chapman 5K a few weeks ago.! #
  • Here's the recap of the "Flattest, Fastest, & Funnest 5k in the World!" @chapman5K #run #running #
  • Piggy back ride for little brother (he weighs just as much as her) #
  • Trying to clean out my teeny closet. Turns out I might have an unhealthy emotional attachment to my clothing. #
  • When my closet is so tiny, I really shouldn't be keeping the back filled with costumes. I have Hawaiian dresses, #
  • All right all you fabulous cooks out there. If my chicken is chewy, does that mean I overcooked it? #
  • When you are eleven months old, the "tupperware" drawer & your 3 year old brother are the coolest things in the world. #
  • Save federal funding for bicycling by emailing your U.S. Senator today! #
  • My porch wouldn't be nearly as spooky without the help of the awesome DIY Halloween Decoration ideas from @sav… (cont) #
  • A little slice of doily heaven @saversvvillage thrift store today. #
  • "motorcycle man" – the trick or treating begins #
  • Let the #halloween candy trading begin….and the parent candy tax. #
  • I may or may not be wearing a royal blue unitard right now. #
  • As much as I kept telling myself "it's just allergies", It's definitely NOT allergies. #
  • Oh man. I'm in trouble. @klout says I no longer have influence over my husband, @toddsonaride. #
  • Made some delicious guacamole but since my nose is so stuffed up, I can't even taste it. :( #
  • The kids love trick or treating @toddsonaride's office. #
  • The thing about baby's with black eyes is that people want to call CPS until you tell them he's a "black-eyed pea #
  • My 6yo & 9yo daughters have decided Haunted Houses should be actually be filled w/butterflies & happiness, rainbows & love. #missingthepoint #
  • That's awesome! RT @mostlyeven: My 11 yr-old just did a 2.4 mile swim. Proud mama. #
  • Ten points if you can guess the costume #
  • 10 points! “@lostmanifesto: @thisiscarrie BASTIAN WHY WON'T YOU CALL MY NAME!” #

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